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Partitura: The Real Book Jazz Grátis

O site, oferece partituras grátis de Jazz e também versões das obras em mp3 para escuta,

com grandes intérpretes. abaixo vou colocar o texto original em inglês.

Jazz sheet music education, free (with no ads) for anyone who loves music.

Hello, my name is Thayer and I studied music at Berklee back when the Real Book was "illegal". I thought the original version needed some representation on the 'net, so I came up with this site. Everything here is available elsewhere for free, so this is really just a compilation. It was WAAAAAY more work than I thought it would be, but I've gotten a very positive reaction from it.

I now live in Los Angeles and do multimedia design with my company Check out my music apps in the Apps tab, (they're made for musicians and aspiring musicians, and have the original Real Book 'look'), and enjoy the site!

LATEST UPDATE: Trying out a SUBMIT YOUR OWN SONG section. You must have permission from the original songwriter(s), have lead sheets, an mp3 and agree to our Terms of Service. Click here for more info!

Bass Clef and B-flat and E-flat versions now available!

Be sure to like the RealBookSite Facebook page!

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